How to Edit mp3 Files so they Load

Correctly on to an mp3 Player


Lately, I’ve been having all kinds of fun finding great talk radio programs that the artists and producers have been generous enough to make available to the public as free downloads. Of course, with all the driving I do, I pretty much live on my mp3 player, so this has been wonderful for me. What took a little patience and experimentation was getting these files to load correctly on to my mp3 player.


Thinking this might have been an issue for people other than me, I thought I’d create a tutorial for the benefit of others.


Frequently, when I download a free pod cast, it will appear on my computer looking like this:


In this form, were I to try to sync this file onto my mp3 player, it would go into the ‘unknown’ folder, and would be hard to find and annoying. To solve this issue, I right click on the file, select properties from the menu that appears. You’ll want to choose the summary tab in that dialog box, and then you’ll see something that looks like this:




The next screen shot shows the values that need to be filled in:




Ok, just in case some smart aleck might pretend not to know any better, there is no such radio program that I’m aware of called ‘Deb’s Show of Awesomeness’, nor, God willing, will there ever be. That’s just an example.

·        Artist – would be the name of the artist.

·        Album Title – would be the name of the show followed by the air date.

·        Track number – you only need to fool with if the pod cast download is broken into segments. The first segment would be 11, the second 22, etc. I’m not sure why 11 22 33 works more reliably than 1 2 3.

·        Genre – The word Podcast.


This is how the mp3 files should look after you have filled in the appropriate values:



I hope this has been informative, and has maybe saved somebody time and frustration. Happy downloading! J



By the way, my current favorite place to cruise for free pod casts is