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For now, this will be the home of all the links I've been annoying everybody with.
When you're here, I don't have to remind you to visit

Neither do I have to brag to everybody continuously and individually about our last great Looking for additions to this site? The best first place to look is the drop down menu right above this line! Also, this very lazy webmaster adds the newest stuff to the bottom of the list.

Recently, I've started to participate in You Tube. You can check those videos by clicking here.

As if I don't spend enough of my spare time sitting on my expanding brains in front of a computer, I can now be found on Facebook and MySpace! Take a look, and if you're on there too, let me know.

On April 15, 2014,we experienced the unexpected and shocking loss of my stepmother, Grace Birky. See RIP, Ma. <3.

Looking for my resume? Find it here.


By popular request, I thought I'd throw some of my best recipes up here, too.

Recently, I’ve found some wonderful, FREE pod casts on the Internet. Of course, there’s nothing like FREE, but I’ve had to alter them a little to get them to load correctly to my mp3 player. Check out my mp3 tutorial!

Here are my friend Lona Holm’s websites:

Clear Point Therapy

Animal Healings

Inland Small Dog Rescue


Remembering a very beloved longtime companion Cashie 1994 ~ 2008.


We were so pleased to be a part of The 2008 Dutch Oven Get Together in Stevensville, Montana. Anybody interested viewing or even downloading the pictures is free to do so.


By the way, for those who haven't seen, it's remarkable how much Krissy and Rylee looked alike when Krissy was little.
I do plan to share future trips that we take as a family through links from this site, along with other things I think are neat, like this.

Naturally, what website would be complete without an official guard dog?


Friends and family of Jerry Osterman who may have reached this page in error will want to click here. Sadly, we also lost Don, Jerry's husband, and my collaberator for her pages, on April 4, 2003. I will continue to maintain this site for her, however, as long as it is wanted.

Since you're still here, you're probably thinking about me, so why not write to me?

If there's any way I can be of help in some way relating to web design, that would be good, too.

I uploaded a couple of MPEG files that we find very enjoyable. If you don't have broadband or DSL, they take forever, but if you're up for it, they can be found here

I hope you enjoy what I have here so far, and that you'll come back soon, and often!


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